With a tech-corporate culture fraught with Move-Fast-and-Break-Things innuendos, it comes as no surprise that being «imbued with the power and confidence» that you can do no wrong is highly rewarded. And it is a boy’s thing, or at least this is what the NYT believes: «it’s almost always a him», quoth the journalist, who happens to be a she.

Admittedly, I have never crossed paths with Jobs, Musk or Bezos. But the truly self-confident high-profile people in tech I have met are, almost without exception, women. PEPPOL, the pan-European public procurement framework (which was born as a nordic-countries toy project) was nurtured into a fully-fledged EU-wide infrastructure almost single-handedly by a young lady I was lucky enough to get well acquainted with (and to learn a lot from).

Bottom line? After smashing the glass ceiling, busting the myth that tech geniuses are to be males is definitely the next step.