On September 16th, 2019, members of the project met in Palermo with the representatives of the Sicilia Digitale (the IT company of the Region of Sicily) and AGID (Agency for Digital Italy) to share experience and best practices in the roll-out of eInvoicing.

The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the implementation of the CIUS developed for the Irish local authorities and how the Sicilian Region planned to adapt its systems to comply with the Directive 2014/55/EU.

Irish local authorities presented their plans and changes required to their ERP systems to comply with the EN. The project partners outlined the key information fields included in their CIUS which will be supported by all LAs in the ERP systems and connected to the central PEPPOL Access Point provided by the LGMA.

The AgID representative described the national eInvoicing context. Italy has a centralised eInvoicing infrastructure with a hub (Sistema di Interscambio – SDI) where all the eInvoices to the public sector have to be sent in a mandatory national format (FatturaPA). Italy has developed a translator, connected to the national hub, to accept and process any eInvoice compliant with the EU standard. A CIUS was also developed as a result of a national CEF funded project.

The Italian government took the decision to minimise the impact of the EN on public entities, which are not required to make any changes to their systems, since the translator will ensure compliance at the national level. However, the Emilia Romagna Region has mandated PEPPOL for eInvoicing and eOrdering at the regional level, in order to leverage the investments made during the PEPPOL project (2008-2012).

Sicilia Digitale presented the activities and expected results of the recently awarded CEF eInvoicing project. An eInvoicing module will be integrated in the regional eProcurement platform compliant with the EN, and a PEPPOL Access Point and SMP will be set up to ensure connectivity and interoperability with other participants in the PEPPOL network. In addition, a web-based solution for Sicilian SMEs will be made available for the exchange of EN compliant eInvoices based on the PEPPOL specifications, and supporting the Irish CIUS.

The presentations triggered insightful dialogues and exchange of opinions on the best practices and challenges faced by the regions and local authorities in implementing eInvoicing, such as the need to make it mandatory for suppliers to ensure a full take up.