Failure in understanding that public digital services’ inclusiveness is an absolute priority is a huge telltale mark.

Contact tracing must be non-discriminatory in every aspect, as stressed multiple times by EU-level policymakers (not earlier than two days ago by the European Parliament), and this includes a number of topics such as accessibility (#8), multilingual support (#13), privacy by design even in the documentation (#16), using a gender-neutral language (#22), and avoiding ableisms.

I will go to such lengths as to claim that a failure in delivering a thoroughly inclusive digital or service is tantamount to a failure of the whole project, as it would pave the way for a less fair society. And that is true regardless of whether the service were elsewise successful in fighting the pandemics or not.

Come on: inclusiveness is no unattainable goal even with such hectic time constraints as we all are facing. A good starting point are Google’s guidelines on writing inclusive documentation.